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Marketing in the internet – as seen from Italy

No. 50 – October 2, 2000



loghino.gif (1071 byte) 1. Editorial: A change in Italy

This issue is short – and relevant mainly for people in Italy or who are interested in developments in this part of the world.

Woldwide hostcount data for the first half of year 2000 were published unusually late – on September 28. They show major changes and one of the most relevant is the improvement in Italy.

It’s always wise to be skeptical about numbers. I am not at all sure that a very large increase in the hostcount number for Italy can be taken literally – at least until it’s confirmed by other sources. But it fits with other trend measurements. Italy is still far behind the most developed countries in Europe, but it’s no longer the underdog that it has been for many years.

A lot remains to be done, by individual people and organizations, to learn to use the net effectively. But also in Italy, as in most Western Europe, it is becoming a familiar tool in the lives of many people.

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loghino.gif (1071 byte) 2. New worldwide data

Figures and statistics about the internet worldwide, in Europe and in Italy are no longer included in this report, but in a separate section on this site. (It’s in Italian, but charts and graphs are easily understood regarldess of language.)

Only two graphs are included here. There are now nine countries with over a million internet hosts

9 countries

If we exclude the United States, this is the picture for the other 14 countries with more than 500,000 internet hosts.

14 countries

Though mainland China has only 90,000 internet hosts, the Chinese community across Eastern Asia, as a whole, is a tenth “nation” with over a million.

As a summary of the density situation, this is an updated map of the world.

Density worldwide
Internet hosts per 1000 inhabitants

For a quick glance at the situation in Europe, here is an updated map.

Density in Europe
Internet hosts per 1000 inhabitants

For a more detailed analysis of the situation (including charts and graphs in relation to population and income) see the worldwide data report. Another covers the situation in Europe and a third reports several surveys on the use of the internet in Italy.



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